Covid-19: Where are testing sites in France?

Test and detect Covid-19 as soon as possible is at the heart of the epidemic control strategy. But what about the testing sites number in France and their location? Our answer within data visualization, based on opendata file provided by french government: At the menu, a dashboard built in a few minutes that tells you everything! Which sites near you? What specificities? And detailed access to practical information for making an appointment …

Data Visualization covid-19: Where to get tested in France?
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How many Covid-19 testing sites in France?

Simple question if you have the right information to answer it. This is why returned to the Covid-19 subject already mentioned in the spring. We love turn data into insights and after surfing the government’s open data site, we found a dataset rich in information: the list of Covid-19 testing sites. As we like powerful tools, we didn’t hesitate to use Drop to Kibana to make the data talk. And indeed, we are getting the first answers: More than 3,200 test sites are referenced in France, including mainland France and overseas departments and territories.

Which types of Covid-19 testing sites in France?

Ahh ça c’est la France !!! (i.e That’s the true France) … And guess it, more than 40 types of sites depending on which kind of public is welcomed. While 90% of testing sites are open to the large public (“Tout public” in French), there are very specific categories such as “Contact Cases” adressed by Health Administration or others dedicated to health working or disabled people for instance.

Covid-19 testing sites types in France powered par
Covid-19 testing sites types in France powered par
Covid-19 testing sites types in France powered par

Where to get tested Covid-19?

The mapping of the Covid-19 testing sites extends from the France mainland to the French overseas departments and territories. As the dataset provides the geolocation point of each testing site, we can display fairly precise maps. However, the density of Covid-19 test sites is not uniform on the country. As expected, There are a real high density of testing sites in Paris area as you can discver in the maps below.

Geo mapping Covid-19 testing sites France powered by
Geo mapping Covid-19 testing sites France powered by
Geo mapping Covid-19 testing sites France powered by

Covid-19: do we have enough information to get tested?

The dataset provided by Etalab is rather exhaustive with in particular the schedules and ways to make appointments. Thus, we used the main information via our Drop to Kibana solution and created a dashboard — Covid-19 Where to get tested? — Here is an example in video:

Drop to kibana in action: where to get tested Covid-19 in France?

Actually, the dashboard allows you to find the Covid-19 testing site closest to you and ensure that it can accommodate you. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to follow our next posts and our tutorials to build your own analysis from the file available in open data.

Originally published at on October 28, 2020

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